Adam Sandler

by Ruben from Colorado

I will be rich and famous
<a href=>Adam Sandler in Billy Madison</a>
Adam Sandler in Billy Madison

My hero is Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler was the one who's an actor. He plays on Click, Anger Management, Longest Yard and many more. I think that he's a really funny guy. He's my hero because I want to be an actor. The way he helps me is by giving me lessons like how should I act when I play in funny movies.

I have lots of movies of him in them. I've been wanting to be an actor for a long time. My mom thinks I should be an actor, she has faith in me. I hope one of these days I could meet him. If I could meet him this is what I would do, I'd ask if I could interview him and ask questions like "What was his childhood?"

<a href=>Adam Sandler in the movie</a>
Adam Sandler in the movie

What is it like to be an actor and how was it like in his childhood? He's a really funny guy like on Mr. Deeds cause there is a butler they have and he asks the butler to hit his foot. So he did then he said that he couldn't feel a thing. So when the stick hit his foot he started screaming and the butler got all freaked out. And he's all, I'm just joking around this is going to be fun.

Adam Sandler is just so funny and sometimes just plain stupid. Right now he's still alive. He's probably trying to get into another movie. Right now if he's trying to play in another movie I'll bet you he's going to play in a funny movie. I don't think he's played in a scary movie at all.

If I could choose a hero in the whole entire world it would be Adam Sandler. He's just done so many things that it makes me want to pick him. I would ask him other questions like would you have to retire, because I would have to pick another hero. His nickname was "Sandman." He was born on September 1966 in Brooklyn, New York. He even had 1 brother and 2 sisters. Their names were Scott, Elizabeth, and Valerie. He said they are very nice people.


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