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Adam Sandler

by Tyler from North Carolina

Adam Sandler comes from a Jewish family. When he turned 17 he took his first step towards becoming a stand-up comedian. The crowd loved him and he continued to learn to become a comedian at New York University. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree and continued to perform in front of live audiences.

He is now in the 20 million dollar club in Los Angeles. Adam Sandler’s hit movies include Happy Gilmore, 50 first dates, Eight Crazy Nights, The Wedding Singer, and Big Daddy. My favorite Adam Sandler movie is Happy Gilmore; I laugh non-stop while watching it

Adam Sandler is the man! He rules the planet and is possibly the best comedian of all time. All of his movies are funny and he still has never had a movie that has sucked. Adam Sandler is my hero because his job is to make people laugh; he enjoys his job and works hard at what he does.

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