Adam Sandler

by TreMayne from Nebraska

What is a hero to me? A hero is a person who people look up to and does the right thing for the right reason. My hero happens to be the one and only Adam Sandler. He is my hero because he always makes me laugh in all his movies. If I had the chance I would watch Adam Sandler movies all day.

Adam Sandler was born September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn New York. Sandler was always the clown of all of his classes. To help out his sister he sang at her wedding. In 1993 he made the movie Happy Gilmore. Also he made his second CD What The Hell Happened to Me? One of the best movies he ever made was Water Boy.

Sandler would break into the film business with support and roles of motion picture with movies such as Coneheads, and Airheads. Adam didn't return to SNl after the 90's. He earned over 10 million dollar for the movie Happy Gilmore. I think Adam's favorite movie he made was the one and only 8 Crazy Nights.

I pick Mr. Sandler is because he always makes me laugh out loud. Another reason I pick Adam is cause he's a very good actor and I've always wanted to be an actor. Adam is one of the best role model there could be.

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