Andre Tanneberger (ATB)

by Jesse from Fresno

The Best Dj For Over 11 Years...ATB
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No silence

Andre Tanneberger, I've listened to his music for so long, since I was seven I believe. Andre (ATB), has been my hero for so long with his mind controlling trance music that you just can't help but to love. ATB has made the BIGGEST impact on my life, more than anything else for sure. He not only introduced me to a whole new kind of music at such a young age, but he inspired me to become a Dj.

<a href='re_Not_Alone.jpg>You're Not Alone</a>
You're Not Alone

All of ATB's songs are different and unique but you can tell what songs are his. ATB has made songs that made millions in Europe like his songs "You're Not Alone" and "Ecstacy", they also happen to be some of my personal favorites. The one song that made him big though was his 1st song called "9 p.m. (Till I Come)", that song made it to number 1 on the U.K. top 40.

ATB supports young aspiring Dj's of all ages so he made a Dj School in Germany to help not only teach how to Dj but, to also try and make it big in the music industry. ATB has worked with big time dj's such as Dj Tiesto, 4 Strings, Lasgo, and more, and also loves to work with new people.

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ATB made over 7 albums in over 11 years and all of them a hit. He has also made music with other people and loves to do it. He has been making music for so long and plans on never quitting, not only because he loves music so much, but also for his fans.

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