Alan Turing

by Wesley from Washington

On June 23 1912, someone who would revolutionize life as we knew it was born. This man was just like every other child, but no one knew what he could do. Alan Turing went to a public school because of his family’s poverty. When Alan Turing graduated from high school, it took him 3 years to earn enough money to attend college.

Alan Turing attended college for 6 years before he graduated. After 3 and one half years of research and experiments, Alan invented the computer to help the American Army decode British Morse code.

Alan received many awards for science and math. He died in 1954 because of poison.

Although he died of poison, he will never be forgotten for his great accomplishments.

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Alan Turing was a great man who influenced our lives by revolutionizing the lives of modern civilization to what it is now. Alan also helped the education program by contributing a sum of his earnings to schools.