Anna Wintour

by Nina from Slovenia

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Anna Wintour

Almost everyone has a hero, some also more than one. Some people usually think that hero must be a person from everyday life, because you know him characteristically. But I think that a hero could be also a famous person. It’s true that you don’t know him characteristically, but he could inspire you with his acts. However, every hero must be daring, fearless and courageous.

For my hero I choose Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of the most fashionable magazine on the world – Vogue magazine. She was born on 3th Novembre 1949 in London. At the moment she lives with her family in New York City.

She became interested in fashion as a teenager and after she dropped out of school at 16, she started a career in journalism. Before she started working at the Vogue magazine, she worked at many different magazines. While there, she was known to her coworkers that one of her ambitions was to become the Vogue magazine editor.

In 1988 she finally got a job as the editor of the American edition of Vogue. When she started to do this job, she made a huge revolution, because she redirected Vogue into a fashion magazine. She substituted lack of education and journalistic experiences, with her acquaintances, determination, energy and her amazing sense for fashion.

Today she is one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry. She has a great eye for trends and because of that she sets new trends and emergent new designers.

Anna Wintour also has her own fund for prospective young fashion designers and since 1990 she has spent over ten million dollars for people infected with AIDS.

She’s my hero, because I also want to be an editor of an important and worldwide known fashion magazine. My dreams are that one day I will be the first editor of Slovene edition of Vogue. Who knows, maybe I will be. Someday I also want to have influence in fashion industry as she has now.

I admire her because no matter what happens, she is strong and she fights for her goals. She’s a kind of a hell of a woman and nothing can disturb her. She is proud of herself, with all her positive and negative sides she has. She doesn’t care what other people say and think about her, her way of life and her job.

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