Alvin C. York

by Jamie from Lincoln

Alvin C. York, by Jamie H. (I made it in art class.)
Alvin C. York, by Jamie H. (I made it in art class.)

Sgt. York’s real name is Alvin C. York. He was born on December 13, 1887 in Pall Mall, Tennessee. His parents were William York and Mary York. When he was growing up he only had nine months of school! He was a blacksmith and hunter. His hunting skills trained him for the army, although he did not know it at that time. Also, for a short time he was a railroad worker and farmer. His family was very poor.

He grew up in the Valley of the Three Forks of the wolf. He was the third child born of eleven. Alvin joined the army on November 15, 1917. He, and the 82nd division, sailed for France in May, 1918. On October eighth, during the battle of Argonne, he captured 132 prisoners. He was promoted to sergeant and received five medals, which was very amazing.

Alvin did teach at a church for some time, but then he joined the army. WWI started when Arch Duke, Francis Ferdinand was assassinated. Alvin became an important figure quickly by saving thousands of Americans. His many good deeds had lasting affects on all people, because if it weren’t for him, some people wouldn’t be alive right now. He was important in history because he fought many Germans that could have destroyed America.

Alvin was very interesting to study about. The most impressive thing I think he did was captured 132 prisoners. When he did this he was given five medals and promoted to sergeant. I would like to be like Alvin because he wasn’t afraid to give and serve his life for his country. I chose to write about Alvin because of how brave and loyal he was. He was talented in blacksmithing and hunting. With these skills, he became a great man.

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