Abdulhafiz Abdulkadir

by Afrah from Pickerington


To me a Hero is a person who sets his/her goal clearly to help other persons or people and strive to achieve it under any circumstance. Hero is a person who doesn’t give up on anything no matter what.

It is important to have a hero because his/her work helps others and could be a role model.

III. My personal hero is my uncle by the name Abdulhafiz Abdulkadir who went to frontline to liberate the Eritrean people from invaders. He noticed the cruel barbarous act of the Ethiopian regimes, which had been armed by the super-powers of the time, on the Eritrean people. He clearly noticed the need for independence and joined the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF). He was always an honor student when he joined the front. He has also had a good life under his parents and was living far away from where the atrocity was taking place. And yet he made a decision to join Liberation Front. This what most Eritreans did at that time and finally Eritrea was liberated because of their decision and sacrifices. Not too many people imagined early on that this goal was achievable as the enemy side was too superior amenity wise. But the heroism prevailed. Who wouldn’t agree that such a person is hero?

He was always an honor student but he decided to go to the frontline. He could have a great job with his good score at school and have a nice life. But he chose to give-up his life for the sake of the Eritrean people. Because he knew that life is hard without independence. So he joined a liberation front to achieve his goal. He knew that death is daily news at the war fronts and yet he was happy to join it. And finally, after many years, his dream came true and Eritrea became an independent nation.

Interview section

I interview my hero about what he think about ‘Hero and who his hero is?’
• I have a defined a ‘hero’ as someone who is ready to give his life for the sake of others; do you agree with me?
Yes, I do.
• Who is your Personal Hero?
My Personal Hero is Jemal Ahmed.
• Why is Jemal your hero?
Because he was ready for sacrifice, for the sake of Eritrean People.
• Do you think what he did was to get fame?
Not really. You know wealth brings fame too. He was in good shape before he joined the Liberation Front. He could have been more famous without sacrificing himself.
• Do you think his objective could have been achieved some other way?
Not really. Had the other party, I mean the Ethiopian regimes were civilized; negotiation could have been an option.
• Do you think a hero is important?
Yes, a hero is important. He is a savor and a mentor.
• I know everyone at the frontline is a hero, what is the heroism act that is still strikes you most?
Oh! so numerous. heroes who walked on buried bombs in order to make safe passage to their comrades, fighters who climbed into enemy tanks fought with operator and took over, fighters who shot warplanes, and etc. I can write a book on this.
• Is there any incident that you regretted you joined the liberation front?
Not too much, but yes. Whenever the leadership handled matters inappropriately, we used to get frustrated.
• How was life at the warfront?
Material wise life was real bad. However, we were free people in that the area we were living in was not under the control of the enemy. We felt the happiest people on the planet. Say what you want to say. Heroes are always happy!
• Is there anything you want to say regarding heroism to the new generation?
Simply I would say be a hero. To me helping people in any manner is heroism. Even being part of recycling projects in order to protect the environment, helping the needy people with your time and money and any other thing that you do for the sake of people is heroism. You do not have to be in situation we were in to be a hero.

My Hero’s Hero, I believe Jemal Ahmed, his uncle. I believe my uncle was inspired by his uncle (a younger brother of his mother). Jemal had a nice life in Asmara. He was happily married and had three wonderful children. He owned the house he was living in and had Clothing and Accessories shop in Asmara. By the standard of those days, this was a standard life. But because of similar reasons, he left his family and wealth behind and joined the Liberation Front.

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