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Abigail Adams

by Katelyn from Laguna Beach

Abigail Adams was born in 1744 in Wemouth, Massachusetts, and died in 1818. She was the first wife of the second U.S. President and the mother of the sixth U.S. President. She is buried beside her husband John Adams in the First Parish Church in Quincy. She was educated by her mother. Abigail had two sisters, named Mary and Elizabeth, and one brother named Will. Her mother was named Louisa Johnson Adams and her father was named John Quincy. Later, she was a school teacher in the Braintree schoolhouse.

Abigail married John Adams and they lived in John's house in Braintree and in Boston. John was nominated for President of the United States of America. They had three boys and one girl.

My hero helped the patriot cause by writing letters to her husband that were incredibly descriptive. Her letters described how she hoped for independence from the British and wanted the freedom to do what they wanted in the colonies. She also described what life was like back home while her husband was fighting.

Abigail Adams impacted my life because her letters to her husband were helpful in winning the war. She also impacted my life by doing things for the colonies along the coast, like she helped with the horses and other stuff for the people along the coast.

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Why I picked Abigail Adams is because she was a hero to the American Revolution and she helped save America. She kind of looks like me.