Angela Maria Agudelo

by Valentina from Medellin

Angela Ma. Agudelo is an important psychiatrist in Medellín, Colombia. She, along with other doctors and nurses, love to help sick people. She was going to be an Administrator but she changed her mind before her graduation to be a psychiatrist because she wanted to help sick people. I know some reasons why she is a hero.

These are some important reasons why Angela Ma. Agudelo is a community helper. A good reason is because her favorite part is when the mentally sick people recover because she cares about them. Another interesting reason is that one day a man wanted to commit suicide and she was one floor below him and put her head out and made him reasonable.

"Thanks for saving my life,” he tells her now. An excellent reason is that one day she was almost hit on her head just to help an old sick man and that shows that she is a respectful person. My last reason is that she is honest with her patients and she shows trustworthiness. She is very polite and patient with her patients. These are some facts why she is a hero.

I considered Angela Ma. Agudelo a hero because every week she goes to a foundation that have poor mentally sick people and helps them for free. My opinion is that she is that she is a hero for helping. She shows the characteristics of a hero. This is why she is a hero.

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