Ahmed Al Shukairi

by Noora Alammadi from Arad, Bahrain

He says: " I am not a scientist, I am not a mufti. I am just a young adult "

A hero in my own dictionary means a person who has made a positive effect in any domain in the world. The one I really admire is Ahmed Alshukairi. He is looking forward to make the Arab nations successful. And because he made a clear difference in the Arab's behavior in those last days. Many of the people here started to modify their approach in dealing with others in life.

Mr. Ahmed Alshukairi
Mr. Ahmed Alshukairi

Ahmed Alshukairi is an informative and an advocate in the Islamic Arabian World. He was born in Saudi Arabia, Jedadah in 1973, and continued his studies until he received a bachelor of management systems, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California. Immediately, he owns a trade particularly in the sale of household appliances, in addition to its advocacy and volunteerism.

Domain lawsuit:

Ahmed Alshukairi known in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world after a series named "Thoughts of a guy" that has achieved great success. And that was because of the simplicity of style, trying to treat the controversial issues of youth. Also he published a book entitled the first part of the "Thoughts of a guy," and provided Shukairy night youth program and a new program as "If we had," and also issued a cassette DVD program. Shukairy also set up several campaigns including cleaning bathrooms in mosques.


- Won first place as the strongest influential figure in the Arab world of young people in a referendum by the youth magazine 20 UAE. And had been nominated for the second time for the following year has been engaged in fierce competition with the Sheikh Moshari Alefassi.

Social and cultural activity:

- Established the first cultural café in the city of Jeddah - will be called Andalusia - where the venue for the seminars, there is the library with books in various branches of knowledge. A T.V programe organs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 part, which was filmed mostly in Japan.

Marital status:

Shukairy is married to a Saudi Arabian. He married for the first time and divorced and then married Rola Dashicp, a fashion designer. She has recently designed clothes for Mr. Alshukairi inspired by the heritage of Japan because of his filming Part V of the program (thoughts) in Japan. And has two children, Joseph and Ibrahim.

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