Alan Abraham Alvarado

by Kimberly from Odessa

Alan Alvarado (He sent it to me)
Alan Alvarado (He sent it to me)

A hero to me is a person who serves by setting a good example and admirable and caring. My hero is my brother Alan Abraham Alvarado. He is sixteen years old and he goes to Odessa high school. He is in the eleventh grade. He was also born in Odessa, Texas. He plays tennis and is really good at it. He also plays the guitar and drums. He loves country music, especially George Strait’s music. My brother’s hero is Marcelo Anaya and they met at Odessa, Texas in 1-21-1994. Marcelo was his hero because he taught him music and never did he let him quit.

He has a brother, parents, and a sister. His brother’s name is Juan. Juan graduated from college in 2007. He was born in Mexico. His mother’s name is Maria and she was also born in Mexico. She is a great mother and sets a good example. Such as his father, his name is Carlos. He was also born in Mexico. Then, his sister (me), I go to Ector Junior High. I am in eighth grade. I also play tennis like my brother. I was born at Odessa, Texas.

My brother Alan has a great personality and he likes making people laugh when they are depressed. He has good grades and works really hard. He is a smart and honest boy. He also is respectful and a humorous person. He treats people very nice and helps them out if they need anything. I know that he cares and helps people because he called the ambulance when his brother was sick and helped me out when I had trouble with homework and tennis. It affects me because without him I probably wouldn’t do good in tennis as I am right now.

He is my hero because when I am in trouble or have trouble with anything he is there to help. He gives me good advice and tells me the right choice to pick. He teaches me new things and really cares about what I learn. I am always around him and I have a great time with him. He is also other people’s hero because he also helps them out when they need help, have problems, or he calls somebody for help then someone else is in danger. He helps people by giving advice to them and even with just the simplest words can change a person’s day from bad to great.

He still does all these things every day and helps me out. I never really tell him how much he helps me. I don’t really thank him for what he has done to me the past few months. I hope I will by tomorrow or today after school. I appreciate everyone who helps me but my brother really helps me until I get what I am having trouble with. I love my brother and hope he will always be there for me.

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