Angela Amoroso

by Madison from San Diego

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September 4, 2004, Isabella Amoroso is born three months early. Angela Amoroso is this young girl's mother. Angela had already lived an extraordinary life but the tragedy of Isabella's passing could not overcome Angela's need to help others but only empowered the passion to grow. Two days after Isabella's birth, Amoroso founded Isabella's Giraffe Club and went on to contribute to the community in every way possible. Angela proves her heroism everyday and has provided such heroism her whole life by giving back and providing happiness to others.

In her younger years Angela's heart was as big as a giraffe. Angela started her life like any other child but she was different. She played like all this other little ones with a great love for all living things (Angela Amoroso Personal Interview). She was born this way, always caring for things and wanting to take care of them. Love is not a thing that can be taught and that's why she's such a great person. She does great things with great people and she has been performing those actions since long before her foundation. She said that where she use to play as a child there were frogs, as big as a fingernail, that she would collect, take home, and care for (Angela Amoroso Personal Interview). No one ever grows up to be a hero to the extent that she is but she evidently has grown up wanting to give back and she was always good at it. The small acts of kindness seen in her young ages left her to give up a job as a dancer to teach young children to grow up strong.

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Angela Amoroso has been able to give so much back to people throughout the community to help others who are going through a hard time. She has been raising money for years to help others who had or have a kid with SID's. With her enthusiasm, "Isabella's Giraffe Club has raised over $470,000 for the UCSD medical center"(Reaching New Heights). This money is important for medical centers because it allows them to continue research and that will in turn save countless lives, contributing is important to Angela who gives back in that way. Because of her help and the love they have for their daughter, she has been dedicated to giving back to the people who helped her family when she needed support. She and her husband, Drew Amoroso, have so much life experience that they have opened their own grief counseling program, free to the families who have lost a loved one. Angela has spent years giving back to people in need, not only from donations but by donating her time to help those who need a shoulder to cry on: "The 4-session workshop is free for immediate family members"(Isabella's Giraffe Club). The Amorosos have spent all their lives with the biggest heart and now they have been able to put it into action. Not only do the Amorosos help people who have lost a loved one but with everyone they come in contact with, whether it's through their foundation, their dance studio, or on an everyday basis.

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Angela also owns a Performing Arts Academy in the San Diego area where she brings happiness to children hoping to pursue a career in the arts. She has created a dance program unlike any other. The program provides a safe and nurturing environment (Scripps Performing Arts Academy). It's an environment that encourages dancers to support one another instead of compete against one another for roles and attention for staff. This environment is something she is proud of and will let no one harm. The idea of the program is to create young men and women that are ready to face the world tall and proud. Angela says: "I'm proud that we are maintaining the authenticity of dance training."(Angela Amoroso Personal Interview). Back in the 70's when she went to a dance school they were not like they are now. She makes her academy so children grow and become their best selves. She has produced too many quality humans to count and those people are the type who change the world. She truly only wants children to be happy.

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In her years Angela has brought joy and helpful resources to others with her loving giraffe size heart. She also inspires others to be their best every day. It's important that we all carry some of her love within us to give to others because those are the men and women who will bring people joy in this world. I'm inspired to be like her because she didn't have to change a million people's lives to know that she is changing the world. We can all make a little difference - hers was just bigger than most and because of that not only will people remember Isabella but they will remember Angela Amoroso for the gifts she's given us.

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