Alma G. Anderson

by Crystal from Tucson

beautiful green eyes and a warm-hearted smile...

As I remember Alma, she was comfortable to be around and she always made you feel at home. She had beautiful green eyes, a warm-hearted smile, light brown hair and she always put everyone before herself. She would bring all of the family together for the holidays and was basically the stable rock in our family.

Alma married a man named Don in her early twenties and they were the perfect couple. Later in the marriage they adopted two children, a boy and a girl named Alex and Alissa, brother and sister. In my eyes, Alma was a very loving and understanding mother and whenever you needed her she would be there in a second. Alma was also a smart woman. She worked as a pharmacy technician at Walgreen’s and she was successful in her job. She would be able to light up any room with her stunning smile and bright eyes, this person is my hero.

She is my hero for three reasons: She was a great role model. She was a strong, generous, kind person and she was truly an inspiration to me. I knew her since I was a baby and she even taught me how to swim when I got older. She is also my hero because she was very positive and optimistic and she would always find a way to look on the bright side of anything. She was a very friendly person and I love her very much.

In 2003 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She handled every thing so well; she stayed strong and optimistic throughout the chemo. Unfortunately in 2005 the cancer reoccurred in her brain, she began to feel very weak and drowsy, she had lost movement in her motor skills. She had to be hospitalized for less than a month or so. Everyone came to visit her; some of my relatives from Phoenix and even her father, that she hadn’t seen in a long time, came to see her. Then, in November 18th, early in the morning my mom, my Tia and I drove to a close grocery store to get breakfast for all of my family at the hospital. When we drove back to the hospital and walked into her room, she was laying there so still, then I knew right away she had passed away. But I know that she passed away for a good reason and I will always remember her as the angel that she was.

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