Community Heroes

Alvaro Angel

by Maria Antonia from Medellin

Alvaro Angel works as a knee surgeon at Suramericana in Medellín, Colombia. He trained to become a doctor at a medical school in Medellin, Colombia and went to work at a town called Tuluá for his rural year. Then he went to a medical school to study orthopedic surgery. Then again he went to U.S.A. to study knee surgery. I know some reasons about why this person is a hero.

These are some reasons about why this person is a community helper. He never gives up when the surgery is really hard, and he doesn’t care about money. He said, ”Money is not everything in life, I prefer to see my patients satisfied.” He is also fair because when they bring him gifts because of the operation he shares them with the other doctors who helped him. He also goes to visit sick children at the hospital and brings them candy. The following are some of my opinions about why this person is a hero.

This is why I consider this person a hero. He goes to rural areas and gives poor people a medical treatment for free. He also donates medical equipment to hospitals that can’t afford getting good quality equipment. He also teaches medicine and surgery to medical students. This is important because it shows why I consider this person a hero.

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