Andres Araujo Araujo

by Gerry from Tampico

The future is yours

Andres Araujo Araujo

A hero...What's a hero, until now I never thought of having a hero, but what's a hero? well it's someone that fights for his thoughts, someone that no matter what never surrenders to the difficulties of life.
My name is Gerry. I am 14 year old almost 15.
I study at colegio columbia on 8° Grade, who is my hero?
Well my hero is my great grandfather Andres Araujo Araujo.

He was a simple and honest carpenter or well at least at first sight he looked like one, but who are we to judge who was he or who he wasn't because he went from being a carpenter to fighting against Porfirio Diaz for rights of the workers.

Later, on he fought for and protected Mexican Oil and then he funded a house for the Mexican workers and he protested for 8 hours of work so he was sent to jail with Emilio Portes Gil.

He returned to Tampico and became an inspector of all the fishing societies of the region, this and more he did through his life. He died on Nov 13 of 1984.

He's my hero because he was a very generous man with strong conviction that helped a lot of people for this and more things. I see him as a very especial person and my hero.

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