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Abdul Qudoos Arif

by Iqra from Karachi

This is my hero, my father.
This is my hero, my father.

My Hero is AQ Arif. His full name is Abdul Qudoos Arif. He is an artist. He is an expert in landscape. He was born in 1975 in Karachi, Pakistan. In 1996 he got a four-year professional diploma in the fields of fine Arts from Karachi School of Arts. He is married to Mussarat Arif who is also an artist and he has two sons and two daughters. He has done many solo shows.

He has exhibited his work to Zainani Art Gallery, Chawkandi Art Gallery, Clifton Art Gallery, Nomad art gallery, Ejaz Art Gallery, Croweaters Art Gallery, Native Art Gallery, Art Attack, Art Scene Gallery and in Tanzara Art Gallery. He has done a group show in Rome (Italy) and a Pakistani Artist Group show in Jeddah (KSA). He has frequently arranged exhibitions in Jeddah, Lahore, Dubai, Islamabad and Karachi.

He works with his wife in his studio which is in his home. He tries his level best to give time to his family more than his work. The best thing about our relation which we hold is that he is my father and I am proud to be his daughter. He is the best father in the whole world. I am inspired from him and from his work. They are just so marvelous and breath taking.

I also want to be an artist just like him when I grow up. The way he works, the way he picks up the paintbrush, easel and smoothly paints on the canvas, it's just amazing. Real heroes are not the ones who perform in dramas and films, in fact a real hero is who are loved by their country and family. He is the best man I have ever seen in my life.

My father`s work.
My father`s work.

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He is my father. I have taken a live information.