Anitra Arms

by Briah from St. Louis

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader--John Quincy Adams

Heroes can come in all types of different, "contrasting" forms. They can be people, items that have special meaning to you, and even pets or certain types of animals. Everyone has an important hero in their life, no matter if they realize it or not. An important hero in my life would be my mother, which some may believe that this is just a typical answer, but this is something very sincere from me. I don't mean to single out my father (which I feel completely guilty about), but I believe that my mother is more of a hero to me, because I can "relate" to her on various levels. I can come and talk to her about anything, from school, education, careers, homework, and much more, and at the end of the day, feel as if I had nothing to worry about.

I hadn't realized that my mother was such a strong hero to me, until I actually brainstormed the people in my life who were my heroes and had a strong impact on myself as a person. My mother has always been in my corner, regardless if I were ever in hers, and this was another significant reason why I chose my mother as my hero. She has always loved me no matter what hardships we go through, such as the times when I decide to disobey her, or choose to follow through with something I know she wouldn't approve of. She will always remain my number one role-model, because she has an effect on me that no one else can take control of, and she motivates me to pull through with my best effort.

Although sometimes my mother can be quite strict on me at times, I sometimes find myself feeling as if I needed that one more "extra voice" in my head, forcing me to do my best, and put forth quality that was of my best ability. This "factor" often plays a great role in my school work, because at times without realizing, I begin to slack off on my work, and my overall grade in each class begins to slowly decrease numerically. As stated earlier, I don't realize or mean to slack off, but once word gets around to my mother, she confronts me with tough love, and tells me that I have to remain focused to maintain my grades. After reflecting on what she's just explained to me, I feel that although my mother is being so harsh in her tones with me, she means well, and she just wants whatever is the best for me. She wants me to go far in education, and she expresses to me that if I don't start keep straight focus, I won't be prepared for what is in the future. Just for this, I praise my mother for looking out for me.

I would like to genuinely say thank you to everything that my mother has done for me, and for all of the meaningful comments she has permanently embedded into my mind. I am a strong female because of her, and will never forget all of the dear "motivational" talks she has shared with me. Mom you are my hero!

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