Akqosía Sharlette Asare

by Maria from Pickerington

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. ♥

A hero to me is someone i can look up to. Someone who encourages you. Someone who inspires you. Anyone can be a hero. It takes a hero to inspire a hero because you must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Is a hero necessary? No, but a hero can help a person become so much better than they already are. Having a hero can push you towards your dream. You never notice something until someone points it out. That's what a hero's here for. When in time of need your hero will be your soldier. A simple word or gesture, someone to say you're beautiful. To say your life's worth it. . . a hero can do.

My personal hero is my Grandma. This lady has been through so much that not calling her my hero would be a shame. She seems to be there whenever i need her, even at 500 GIGGILION miles away in Ghana.

She would take the first ticket up here to protect me, even at a tender age of 57. She has 7 kids, 4 boys 3 girls. and 9 grandkids. She's amazing. When i first met her i was 12. It was as if i knew her my whole life. She lived with me for 2 years 4 months before she went back to Ghana. She comes every year but to me every year feels like a decade. She's told me stories about my aunts and uncle. She's a really religious, takes God so serious. She's a wonderful person. She gives to the less hearted all the time. She forgives and forgets and she lives life to the fullest.

I took some time to interview her by phone:

*Hi, Antii, let's get started. How was your childhood?
: "Childhood was hard. Not like these days when all you guys do is eat, sleep and go to school. I went to school but was forced to stop in 8th grade. Food wasn't always promised. It made me stronger."

* who was your childhood hero ?
: "Childhood hero.. It was my father. You would have thought he was the strict one. Not at all. He loved me, called me Shar`lette, my middle name, which meant "little." His little girl.."

* Your first child?
: "My first child was your uncle Kwame. It was a mistake. He wasn't a mistake, get it? He was a great child. I wasn't married yet but it was bound to happen."

* Life after grandpa's death?
: "Your grandpa always used to get sick.. you know minor ones. Nothing huge. But then he died. It was a horrible sight, watching your grandpa die. When he died your mother was in the 3rd grade, she had to leave and help me. Your mom had to wait 3 years later to actually go back. We were poor for a couple of years. You know the village life. Until I met your aunt Teresa's father."

* what was your religion views at the time ?
: "My religious views were not well .. I wasn't into everything the way i am now . God wasn't in control at the time. I was."

* So in your opinion, do you think you liked you life?
: "My life has been great, through all the difficulties, I've overcome it. You don't choose your life" ;

* All right. To close it up, who is your hero now? Has it changed?
: "No, it hasn't changed. I have two now. God & your Great grandfather."

Well, that's about it. Thanks for reading my hero story.

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