Lifesavers Heroes

Alan Beaven

by Gio and Anthony from Cincinnati

The name of our hero is Alan Beaven. He is being celebrated because, when he was flying to California to finish up a case, the plane that he was on had been hijacked and it was going towards the Pentagon. He and some other people were able to change the direction so it wasn't going to hit the Pentagon. Unfortunately, they weren't able to land the plane and it crashed into the field.

That day, Alan Beaven had a case to finish up in California. He had a case against pollution in the South Fork of the American River. going to California involved going on a plane because he lived in New York. The plane was hijacked and the hijackers tried to crash the plane into the Pentagon. When they were searching the plane after the crash, they found the cockpit voice recorder and heard Alan so they were certain that he had been fighting with the hijackers.

One of the best reasons he is our hero is because he saved many people's lives from crashing into the Pentagon. People say, "No one knows for sure what happened aboard that airplane, but we do know countless lives were saved when that plane was diverted from its intended target." This shows the heroic act that he did in saving all of their lives.

Our definition of a hero is shown in our hero choice because it says, "Someone that does an extraordinary thing." Alan Beaven definitely did something extraordinary to save countless lives that tragic day. Our definition of a hero is also shown in our hero choice because he was an ordinary guy that stood up and risked his life.

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