Alan Beaven

by Clay from Riley (By ranmya from fallsburg) (By ranmya from fallsburg)

Alan Beaven, age 48, was an environment lawyer. Alan's kids were named Chris 18, John 21, and then Sonali was five and Kimi was his wife. Alan and his family lived in Oakland, California. Alan was headed to San Francisco to solve a case. Alan Beaven is brave because he is inspiring to others around him and saved the plane and thousands of lives.

Alan left his home in Oakland, California to go and solve a case in San Francisco. He went to the airport and got on his flight (93). The beginning of the flight was all normal but towards half of the way through, the plane got hijacked by terrorists with bombs. There was a lot of commotion and then all of a sudden the terrorists were in charge.

People on the plane were panicked but there were a few that kept level headed. There was one man in the back that you could hear him talking to his family and then another called the cops and told them the situation. The lady on the phone told him that they would call the family if he didn't make it and at the end of the call he said "Let's roll". That's when Alan and a few others went and took the plane back. The plane crashed in a field near Pittsburgh and there were no survivors but in them wrecking the plane into a field and not letting them crash it into the Washington, DC, there were a lot less casualties than there would have been.

When Alan's friends and family got the news they were devastated. But one of his friends said that he wasn't surprised what Alan did. He said that was just Alan and if someone or something needed help he would be there. He said it was all about Alan's heroism to save that plane and that they were surprised they didn't make it out of the mess.

We will always owe our respects to Alan and his family and what they did and for all the lives they saved. Alan and several others on that plane were some of the bravest people I know and the only ones that I know that will go foot to foot with a terrorist. Alan sacrificed a lot. He let his family go, knowing that he would save many more lives if he did this. Like I said we will always owe our respects to the Beaven family for the sacrifice they made. Alan Beaven is brave because he is inspiring to others around him and tried to save the plane from the terrorists.

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