Lifesavers Heroes

Allan Beebe

by Sara from Columbus


I think a hero is someone who is helpful, generous, unselfish, and brave. In my opinion, just because you look up to someone doesn't make them a hero. Sports fans, just because you look up to a certain person doesn't make them a hero. A hero can be rich or poor, short or tall, thick or thin, as long as they are willing to risk their life on someone they don't know, or don't necessarily like. My hero, he has saved my life and is still saving it this very moment, his name. . . Allan Beebe (also known as Dr. Beebe).

Allan went to college at Northwestern University Medical School and graduated in 1983. I think Allan is in his mid 40's; I say this because, graduating in college, he must've been in his 20's. I believe Allan's specialty is Orthopedic Surgery and allowing me to understand what is going to happen before operation, to make me fearless. I've worked with Dr. Beebe for about eleven years now. Ever since I was six months old he's been trying to help me.

Allan helps all of his patients to survive in this world of death, I know this as a fact. He helps me and many others throw away a wheelchair, or stop the delivery of a wheelchair. How could that not be helpful? Allan is very generous. He'll take his personal time away by helping others. Which would you rather do, cut into people all day to do surgery, or sleep for over ten hours, and then play your favorite video games?

Unselfish is something my special doctor is every day. Sometimes Dr. Beebe isn't able to see his family for a long time because of how many scheduled appointments he has with patients. I would probably lose my mind if I hadn't seen my parents in over ten days. In a way, Allan is brave. As a surgeon, you have to be very careful of where you cut. One wrong move and you can kill somebody, and possibly be sued.

Allan will always be deep in my heart as a great hero. How many lives he has saved is a big mystery, but I truly believe that the odds are slim when it comes to only a few lives. I'm sure he has saved many more lives than just my life. Allan means a lot to me. After all, he is my rescuer. My dream is to become the best fashion designer in history, and a chef with the healthiest and most delicious food ever made. But most importantly, I want to be as helpful, generous, unselfish, and brave as my hero Dr. Beebe.

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