Aaron Behnke

by Mitchel from Menomonee Falls

My Dad is my hero because he is strong, works hard, and is fun to play with. He is the hardest working person. My Dad grew up in Reedsville and is an only child. He is a hero to me because he is good example.

My Dad designs office chairs at home. He used to work in an office which closed. He sends his designs to Pace and other companies. Even though he could take off he chooses to work all day. He loves his job. Sometimes he gets off early, but goes back at 7:00 to work some more.

I like to play chess with my Dad because every time he beats me I learn something new, like to think ahead. But one time I won against him because he wasn’t looking at the whole board. I was so happy that day it was the first time I won against him.

Without heroes life would be gloomy. Heroes are important because they teach us, love us, and help us. In the future I will be someone is hero by teaching them.

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