Abdelhalim Belas

by Mohamed from Hawthorne

My dad is my Hero. He knows when something is wrong and when it is right. My dad knows and has survived through a lot of stuff. He survived the Algerian-French war that took place from 1954-1962. He has a lot to tell. His childhood has a lot of adventure. My father had to leave from Algeria and went to Europe. After 1 month he returned because he missed his parents. So he returned to his country. His brother stayed in Europe.

My Father had gone to school in Italy and tried to become a tailor. He then returned to his country after 11 years. He found a job in Algeria and became a taxi driver. He then got married and went to America. When my father was a baby, (he was born 1 year before the revolution). Revolution started in 1954. He doesn't remember much. But he does remember that one time the French army came to my father's school and gave all of the student's candy, but they would not eat the candy because the candy was poisoned. He also remembers on July 5th independence came and the people were very happy.

When my father was in Italy he played soccer. He loved the sport a lot and joined a club. He would play many sports and had a beautiful life. When he moved to America he had 4 children and had a beautiful life to this day. He had a successful life and as you have read went through a lot to get this life.

My dad has done many great things in his life for my family and I. He has sacrificed his things to get us things to survive. He stopped his school so that he can fund for my family. My dad always says "always try to succeed". You should always do the best you could in everything you do. Whether it is in sports or any other thing. Always try your best.

So my dad is a pretty awesome dad just as many other dads are. I feel very lucky to have one. I learned a lot from him. I have to always try to succeed.

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