Alexander Graham Bell

by Cassidy from Calgary

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Alexander Graham Bell Web (I made it on Insparation. (I did!))
Alexander Graham Bell Web (I made it on Insparation. (I did!))

I chose Alexander Bell because he invented the telephone which brought families together. He kept people happy and kept friends in touch. His invention has helped out with school work and daily life. It has changed so much over the years. He is a very intelligent man inventing the telephone and the last reason I chose him is that he invented an amazing thing that he worked hard to make things work.

I drew this picture (I drew it  (Me!))
I drew this picture (I drew it (Me!))

He was born into a family who all studied science. His Grandfather and Dad were very knowledgeable about voice and elocution. Alexander and his 2 brothers where aware of elocution so they could be like their father one day and when he was 12, Bell made his first invention which was a machine for husking grain in a mill that his friend's Dad owned. He attended Edinburgh Royal High School until age 15. When Alexander was in his early 20's both of his brothers sadly passed away from a disease called tuberculosis. His Father decided to move the family to Canada, he thought that maybe it would have a better & healthier climate. After exploring Canada they took residence in Brantford, Ontario. In 1871 Bell found work as a teacher at a deaf school in Boston. Alexander hired an assistant to help speed his experiments, his name was Thomas Watson. On March, 7 1976 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for his acoustic telegraph device that the world began to know as the telephone! He was elected the first president of the National Geographic Society.

Alexander Graham Bell working on the phone. (I drew it! (Me.))
Alexander Graham Bell working on the phone. (I drew it! (Me.))

His accomplishments are that he invented the telephone, the photophone, phonograph, aileron, a machine for husking grain, the first metal detector and the original audiometer. He was a native of 4 countries, Scotland, Great Britain, the United States and Canada. He studied the aspects of elocution for the deaf and also acoustics because his mother was deaf. He was a teacher at a school for the deaf. He got financial support from 2 parents to work on new electronic technologies. Bell received many awards including honorary degrees from Harvard University, University of Edinburgh, and Oxford University and Queen's University. He was elected the first President of the National Geographic Society. The Bell Telephone Company was created in 1877.

I really enjoyed learning about Alexander Graham Bell. I chose him because he has many inventions that I found interesting and exciting. He was a very smart man and is one of the most influential men in history. I hope you liked my report about his life. 1874.
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