Anton Belyaev

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My hero is Anton Belyaev. He is a musician, a producer and the leader of « Therr Maitz band». This band is not very popular but they have found a number of fans so far and I am among them. Why is Anton my hero? I'll try to answer this question. () ()

At first I saw Anton last autumn on TV Channel One in the show «Voice». I liked Anton's music from the first notes I heard. When you listen to his music you can fly away in your dreams far from the outside world with these problems and difficulties and when you come back to the routine this music keeps on inspiring you. () ()

After this show I started looking for some information about Anton's life and work. I have already listened to all his songs and watched all his videos which I found on the Internet. I even managed to get acquainted with him personally! It was like a fairy-tale. () ()

Anton's music both reflects our life and makes it more beautiful and cheerful. It seems to me as if I could really fly after listening to this music and I can overcome everything. This music is a kind of magic wand for me which turns black colours into bright and shiny ones.

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My hero, Anton Belyaev, has taught me not only to appreciate good music, but every moment of my life. I'm proud that I know him. Maybe, for somebody Anton is just a musician and isn't an important person but for me he is my hero and will always be.

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