Anna Bessonova

by Catherine from Glendale

Anna Bessenova (
Anna Bessenova (

To me a hero is a person that helps people in need. Not with presents, but with love. They go to hospitals, and help little kids, and adults. They go out in the streets and help the poor. They have courage, honesty, and bravery. A true hero is a person who does something great and does not expect anything in return.

What is a hero? A person who flies around in a cape? A person who has cool powers? It is a regular person that helps other people when they are in need. A hero is any person who changes the life of another person in a positive way. No one has to kill monsters or rescue people from evil villains, to be hero. A hero thinks more of others than they think of themselves.

Anna Bessenova, the rhythmic gymnastics world champion, is my hero. Her full name is Ganna Voldymynvna Bezsonova, but in Russian it’s Anna Vlodymyroma Bessonova. Her nickname is Anya. She was born in Ukraine, Kiev, on July 29th, 1984. She is a hero, because she teaches girls like me never to give up on anything and you can accomplish your goal. She shows what hard work does to people’s lives. She is not a hero that saves people from fires, but changes people’s minds in a positive way.

A hero is not a person with a cape. It is a person who loves people they know and don’t know. Heroes are not only real people, but they are also role models. Everyone has a hero, but everyone can’t be a hero.

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