Abebe Bikila

by Vika from Brest

This is Abebe in the stadium <br>( ())
This is Abebe in the stadium
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I think that my hero is an ordinary person, from an ordinary family, that brave, sensitive. Wants to be the best, strive for their goals. Who will never back down and achieve the desired no matter what. And I want to tell you about the Ethiopian athlete, who was the first to win two Olympic Games in the marathon: Abebe Bikila

What is a marathon? Marathon is one of the most prestigious disciplines of the Olympic program. Necessary to cover the distance of 42 kilometers 195 meters (26 miles 385 yards).

To participate in the Olympic Games, one must be strong and have a resilient spirit, and it was Bikila. Abebe Bikila was 28 years old when he ran a marathon. The Olympics (1960) was the hottest. and say that Bikila ran the full distance barefoot. In my opinion he was the most brave and capable runner. Bikila was born in the mountain settlement. 10 years moonlighting as a shepherd. every day running 10 km. He loved to play with friends in hockey. Here it has developed in him a great runner. Serving in the army, he became interested in the marathon. At home, they greeted him as a national hero and laid down for him the song: Abebe. you - a real hero, Abebe, you - glory of Ethiopia, Abebe, you - smile of our country, Abebe, you - beloved child of the motherland, Abebe, you - flower which bloomed. After 4 years Bikila repeated his success at the Olympic Tokyo. Ahead of silver medalist by 4 minutes! He believed that he could win in Mexico City (1968). However, a car accident and severe spinal injury confined him to a wheelchair. But not wanting to put up with the fate, Abebe learned to shoot a bow and even took part in the World Games in Oslo disabled (1971). He believed that gets on his feet but the disease was stronger than this great athlete. So tragically ended the glory of this great athlete.

I hope you agree with me that's why I chose him as a hero, because it was the greatest most fearless athlete in history of sport.

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