Alexandre Bilodeau

by Mara from Casselman

Alexandre Bilodeau is a double gold medalist Olympian and has won more than 10 times as a freestyle skier for the World Cup . This young athlete has become a role model for others, also inspiring others to be perseverant and to achieve higher goals. In the eyes of young and old Canadians, he is a hero, and he proudly represent us. Alexandre is a hero because he accepts everyone, no matter who you are and what you are capable of. He also supports many Canadian non-profit organizations.

Sylvie Michaud and Serge Bilodeau had a baby boy on September 8, 1987 in Montreal, Quebec, now living Rosemere, Quebec. Alex has a brother who is diagnose with cerebral paralysis. Every year, his brother's health deteriorate more and more. At the Sochi Olympic games, the organisation didn't have handicap services for his brother's condition, so he challenged them to provide service for his brother. His brother is an inspiration to him. Alex told to the media, "With the motivation my brother he would be a four times Olympic Champion. He's a great inspiration, a great person and he's going to be an inspiration for me after the Olympics" said the athlete (

My hero has many heartful qualities, but these are the five that stand out... First, he's a family person: Alex admires his brother Frederick who has cerebral paralysis. He always has his family's love and support. Alexandre puts others first before himself. Second, he's a go-getter: Bilodeau is always pushing himself at 110% even when he had down moment or he was injured. Alex always wanted to be the best version of himself and is completely focused on achieving his goals.Third, he's Courageous: Bilodeau is not afraid of doing different stuff; every new step he made was to have a stronger routine in the freestyle ski and to achieve the next level. Fourth, we can call him "Batman": According to the website, Alexandre BiIlodeau is recognized to be a superhero more specifically as Batman. Bilodeau, having an amazing personality, being the oldest of his teammate, he likes to be secretive about his training preparation. He is a very smart person, well educated and believes he will be very successful in his future career as an accountant. Finally he is Good hearted: Due to his brother's handicap, he is been very open minded towards people's differences and has is very sensitive towards people with difficulties and limitations. That's why the Canadian athlete gives money to foundations, he participates in meetings and he is a spokesperson for different organisations across Canada like: Foundation Princess Charlene de Monaco, Cerebral Palsy Association de l'Alberta, L'Association Canadienne des centres de sante pediatriques pour la recherche sur la paralysie cerebrale, We Day etc.

Alexandre Bilodeau is my hero, because he worked so hard to get to where he is now; it takes courage,patience and determination to have achieve so much. He's a role model for young and older athletes. Alexandre Bilodeau has given more than 50 000 dollar to many Canadians foundations, he also represents our country proudly on the world scene. Also, this fantastic athlete , according to the website "", on the podium 49 times. In his whole career, he won gold 23 times, silver 21 times and bronze 11 times. Nevertheless, the message Bilodeau is always saying is that "Whatever your capacity, if you believe in your dreams like I believe in mine, then everything is possible!" said the magasine "La semaine"! For Alexandre, a typical day includes getting up very early in the morning, (around 5-6 am) go to the gym to workout (endurance and cardio), after this he puts his ski on and won't take them off for a several hours (4-6 hours). During this time, he practices the jumps and the routine. For example: Big air, Hip, Step-up, Half-pipe, Quarter-pipe, Barre de slide, Waterslide, Box, Wall, Road Gap etc. The 5 most used at the competition are the big air, half-pipe, slopestyle, boardercross and the skicross.

Alexandre Bilodeau and I have something in common, we both have somebody special in our family. I have an uncle who's diagnosed with Down Syndrome and he needs a lot of supervision. I connect with Alexandre because he understand that we can love somebody and take care of somebody who is different even though many people discriminate against these differences. I admired the people who are diagnosed, because if you see they are always the people you can count on, have their support from them and they are positive no matter what. I choose Alexandre Bilodeau as my hero because since the age of 18 he has proven to us Canadians, that he can represent our country to the top of the podium and have been a positive, caring role model for everybody! #wearewinter

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