Alan Bluto

by Nick from Essex Junction

I chose to interview my uncle, Alan Bluto, because he is the one person I thought of who has made a huge impact in my life as well as others. He has served for the Marines and is now a state police officer for the state of Delaware. While in the Marines, he was injured by lightning that electrified an artillery tent he was leaning against in a storm. Of all the things that could have happened, that obviously had to be the one, right? I consider this one of the most interesting stories about him because it expresses his relentlessness and strive to be more than just a person. He joined the police force two years ago, and was nominated for Rookie of the Year in his force. Being in the police force is like another world compared to being in the Marines, but my uncle still feels that the safety of people in his community as well as the world is super important. He is also a very devoted father. He has three children, one eighteen years old, one thirteen, and one six. Coping with three children is not as easy as it sounds.

On April 20th, 2010, my uncle began to volunteer coach for his youngest son Hunter's Millsboro Little League team. The reason for his volunteering was to help the community and the needs of children who enjoy playing baseball. Hunter really wanted to play with his friends, and Alan felt that he should help to give him and his friends an opportunity to have fun. So he got his background check and paperwork done and began having practices at the Millsboro field in Delaware. Seeing the young kids develop as baseball players from the start to end of the season and knowing that he made a difference was one of his favorite highlights of coaching Little League for the last three years. "Seeing the improvement and watching kids I helped succeed in the next levels of play in little league is another big highlight," he said. A hard part of being a coach is that he has to be busy elsewhere, being in the police force, and it is very tiring. He told me that it was also hard to deal with a bunch of six year olds with all their high energy. He hopes to not change anything in the future and keep coaching for as long as possible.

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