Andre Boulay

by Ryan from Paradise Valley

Andre Boulay doing a thumb grind. (file:///Users/student/Documents/Andre%20boulay.gif)
Andre Boulay doing a thumb grind. (file:///Users/student/Documents/Andre%20boulay.gif)

A hero is someone who helps others and inspires you. Good heroes teach people new things. They are selfless and caring. Heroes are kind and happy. Heroes are leaders. My hero is Andre Boulay.

Andre Boulay was born on March 6, 1985. He lives in Branford, Massachusetts. He is an inventor because he designed a yoyo called the Dark Magic. He also created a new yoyo trick. He works at A2Z Learning Center as a yoyo teacher. He has judged many yoyo world competitions. He teaches people how to do yoyo tricks on YouTube.

My hero helps people like me out with tricks that are causing them trouble. He also shows people new yoyo tricks. Andre Boulay inspires many people to be a great yo-yoer.

Andre Boulay is my hero because he inspires me to be a great yo-yoer. He teaches people new tricks on YouTube and at yoyo classes. He also got me into yo-yo tricks because I saw his videos on YouTube. He is an awesome man who is my hero.

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