Alan Brandley

by Jonah from Leawood

When my dad became part of the Augsburg College Wrestling, it proved that he could succeed at anything. This is one success that makes him my hero. I have learned many lessons from him through his successes and failures he shares with me.

One of the lessons that he taught me is that when I think I am right and I was really wrong, to admit that and to apologize. How he taught me that is that one time when we had a debate about how long Franklin D. Roosevelt served as president. I had proven him right and then he admit that he was wrong. He said that he was wrong and he apologized.

My dad also taught me that you must choose something carefully. He was at his company when his biggest supplier offered him a job. He didn’t accept it at first, but when they started compromising, he accepted it. Now that he accepted this job, he wished he was back at his old job. So, he is continuing to teach me lessons through his actions.

Again, I will tell you that my dad is my hero. He is one of those people that I respect most of all. He has taught me many things in life. I am so lucky to have a dad like mine. I can’t wait until he teaches more things about life!

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