Alexander Burriss

by Anabel from Farmersville

I think a hero is someone who is strong and carrying in the heart. My hero is very sweet and kind and always gives to the people in need, and my hero's name is Alexander. He is a famous you-tuber and vlogs his life every day and uploads them on YouTube for everyone to see. He is a very positive and he is my hero.

My hero's name is Alex Wasabi. That is his YouTube name. My hero lives in Hollywood CA. My hero is still alive and he is 26 years young. My hero makes a difference by making me smile each day when I watch his videos. And also by helping the people in need and giving then money when they need it and also giving them food.

Also my hero is very kind and sweet he helps out his family so much, he even bought them a brand new car. He always loves making people laugh and giving donation. My hero is never disrespectful to others and is always helping out when people need the door open and also showing people love when the most need it.

I picked this hero because he always helps me when I'm down and putting a smile on my face. And he is always positive I have never seen him negative. And I am glad he shares his life with people like me and putting it on the internet knowing that people judge. And lots of people as well as me love him so much.

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