Amanda Bynes

by Ashleigh from Orem

Amanda Bynes (Amanda Bynes's biography)
Amanda Bynes (Amanda Bynes's biography)

Amanda Bynes was born in Thousand Oaks, California, on April 3, 1986. Her father is Richard Bynes, a dentist who is very into stand-up comedy. (This contributed to a big part of starting Amanda’s career.) Her mother, Lynn Bynes, is a dental assistant. Amanda has two older siblings, Tommy, who is a chiropractor, and Jillian, who is studying psychology.

Amanda began at age 7 with stand-up comedy at a comedy camp, and was performing in musical theater shows at the time. After lots of acting experience, she began appearing on Nickelodeon. After that, she started acting in humorous movies and television shows. She is now thinking about shooting serious films. When she was growing up, she was tall and skinny, and boys didn’t like her. That helped her get more into comedy. She has been on the following television shows: “Figure It Out,” “All That,” “The Amanda Show,” and “What I Like About You.” The movies she was filmed in included: Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Wants, Charlotte’s Web 2, Robots, She’s the Man, Lovewrecked, and Hairspray. She appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, and was voted one of Teen People’s “25 hottest people under 25.”

Amanda Bynes demonstrates heroism by showing girls that despite teenage insecurities, they can still be confident. She also stands up for what she believes in. She has said that she would never play roles that would put down her body or make fun of family. Another heroic thing about her is her talent. She doesn’t base her fame on being a socialite or a notorious player. She is just plain talented, and that’s how people know her. She is an independent woman, not depending on guys to make her get what she wants. She has gone very far in her career, and I think a lot of girls look up to her because of that.

As described in the paragraph above, Amanda Bynes has the characteristics of a hero. She is confident, moral, talented, and independent. That is everything I think a hero should be. Another bonus is that she is beautiful. I, myself, love it when Seventeen magazine has her as their cover girl. She always has fabulous makeup, and amazing fashion sense. She is, for sure, one of my beauty heroes.

Currently, Amanda is working on a famous musical, Hairspray, which will be released sometime in 2007, along with her previously filmed movie, Lovewrecked. I am so excited for her new films. Everything she does is amazing.

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