Augusta Ada Byron

by Kimberly from Fresno

Augusta Ada Byron The Computer Programer In 1843 (Google )
Augusta Ada Byron The Computer Programer In 1843 (Google )

  Augusta Ada Byron was born December 10, 1815 in London, England. She invented computer programing in 1843. She was a British mathematician and musician, her dad was a British poet, Lord Byron. Annabella Milbanke, her mother always encouraged her to study math. Ada married and had 3 children. She had a short life, died of cancer at the age of 36. She was known as the first to invent computer programming.

  Ada had a couple of private tutors, math was one of the subjects. Which appears to be why she was so smart with it. Her husband was also assigned as one of her tutors but he was not as engaged to math as she was. She met and corresponded with Charles Babbage. Ada translated Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea's memoir on Babbage's newest proposed machines, the analytical engine.

  In 1842 Babbage was invited to give a seminar at the University of Turin about his analytical engine. Luigi Menabrea, a young Italian engineer, and future prime minister of Italy, wrote up Babbage's lecture in French, and this transcript was subsequently published in the Bibliotheque Universille de Geneve in October 1842. Babbage asked Ada to translate Menabrea's paper into English, subsequently requesting that she augment the notes she had added to the translation. Ada spent most of a year doing this. In 1951, over 100 years after her death, Ada's notes on Babbage's Analytical Engine were republished with her initials "A.A.A".

  Ada Loveleace died at the age of 36 on November 27, 1852, from uterine cancer probably exacerbated by bloodletting by her physicians. Her illness lasted for several months, her husband abandoned her bedside for something she told him on August 30. No one knows what she told him but has been theorized as a confession of adultery.

  Augusta Ada Byron, born December 10, 1815, died November 27, 1852. She was a great mathematician and a wonderful computer programmer. Her death was horrible having a good career and after she died Annabella took command over what Ada saw. She took orders on her friends and was the second best as Ada. As you know she was known as one of the first to invent a computer programing software and I am grateful for it.

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