Ana Cain

by Yoselin from Tucson

"I believe a person can change the world by helping one person at a time" -Ana Cain
Mrs. Cain 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Cain 3rd Grade Teacher

Inspirational Educator.
Ana Ibia Lopez Navarra, known to us as Mrs. Cain, was born in Baraca, Guantánamo, Cuba. Mrs. Cain attended Jose Marti Elementary School in Cuba. Her favorite activities as a child were poetry recitals, dancing, and volleyball. Mrs. Cain and her family moved to the United States when she was only 14 years old. Learning a second language and adapting to another culture was a difficult task for Mrs. Cain. Going through this experience gave her the ability to understand what some of her students are going through while learning a second language. She is a patient and inspiring teacher who is happy to help all students reach their potential.

Once in the United States, Mrs. Cain went to Sahuarita High School in Sahuarita, Arizona, where she graduated with honors. Mrs. Cain didn’t play any sports but, was a member of the yearbook and of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) clubs; she was also the treasurer for her class. “I loved being a teenager in Cuba but it is hard to be one in the United States” she said. She missed Cuba because she danced, swam in the ocean, and helped her grandmother. Right after high school she got married and became Mrs. Cain. She started her family. She has two children, Carina who is now 20 years old and Carlos who is now 13 years old.

Mrs. Cain went to the University Of Arizona (U of A). She earned her bachelor in management of information systems another word for computer programmer. However, after she became a substitute teacher for Los Amigos Elementary, she went back to college and got her degree in teaching from the University of Prescott. Some time later, she went back to the U of A to get her Master’s Degree on Reading, Language, and Culture. She is now a third grade teacher at Los Amigos Elementary.

What makes Mrs. Cain a hero, is reaching out to make a difference in each of her students’ lives. She inspires us to work hard and to pursue our goals. Mrs. Cain is an excellent role-model who encourages all of her students to be exceptional. She is an outstanding teacher. I chose Mrs. Cain as my hero because she helped me learn a lot while I was in her third grade class. Also because she helps all her students have a better understanding of what they read and be better writers. She is excellent at explaining class work and homework. She made my third grade experience be a positive and fruitful one. All my friends agree that we had the coolest year ever, learning, playing and laughing with Mrs. Cain. I think that if all teachers were like Mrs. Cain, all students would learn a lot and have an extraordinary experience in elementary school.

Mrs. Cain inspires me to reach for the stars. She taught me to never give up, to be kind to others, to be respectful and to make my life exceptional. She is my inspiration when working hard to get good grades. She is inspiration to many people. I am trying to follow her lead and be inspiring myself. Mrs. Cain is an excellent teacher, a wonderful role model for all of her students, and my hero.

Interview with my hero

When I asked my hero…..
Do you have a hero? Why is she or he your hero?

She responded….
Yes, I do. My heroes are my mother and father because they sacrificed their life for our family and moved us to another country in search of better opportunities.

My following question was…
What characteristics do you think hero’s share?

She responded…
Heroes are brave and smart because they risk their life for someone

Then I asked…
Do you consider yourself as a hero why or why not?

She said…
I don’t consider myself as a hero because I haven’t risked my life for others, but I have helped the kids in Haiti.

The next question I asked was…
Who inspires you to do what you do?

She answered…
My dad inspires me to do what I do because he was an outstanding teacher too.

Another question I asked was…
What is the best part of what you do?

She answered…
The best part of being a teacher is building relationships with the children and their families.

When I asked my hero….
Do you think one person can change the world?

She responded…
Yes, I believe one person can change the world by helping one person at a time.

The next question I asked was….

What does making a difference mean to you?

She said…
Making a difference means that you will use your time to help others.

I asked…
Do you think a child can make a difference or be a hero? How?

She said…
If an adult can, then a child can as well.

Another question I asked was…
Is there a problem in your community/city/country that you would like to fix? What problem? How?

She said…
I will want to have world peace we all can fix it by accepting each other’s differences.

The last question I asked was…
If you had unlimited funds how would you use them to help change the world?

She responded…
If I had unlimited funds I would feed the world and build new houses for the poor.

Bio Poem:
Ana Iba Cain by Yoselin Cervantes

Hard Worker - Intelligent - Inspirational
Resident of Tucson Arizona
Who is a Third Grade Teacher
Educates - Cares - Motivates
Who believes a child make a difference
Whose heroes are her parents
Who would use resources to help the community
Who changes the world by making a difference in her student’s lives
Who inspires me to be a great student

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