Ana Ibia Cain

by Karina from Tucson

Ana Ibia Cain, or Mrs. Cain as we know her, was born in Baracoa; Guantanamo ‘Cuba’. As a child, Mrs. Cain liked playing volleyball and enjoyed walking at the beautiful beaches of Cuba. She attended Jose Martin Elementary school where she was often a part of the poetry recitals. On Saturdays she loved going to dancing school.

When she was 15 years old, Mrs. Cain came to United States. She had to learn a different culture and language. That was very hard but it helped that she already knew how to read and write in English. Once in America, she attended sahuarita Arizona. She was a part of a book club, FBLA which stands for Future Business Leaders of America. Kids at school made fun of her because of her accent that made her determined to get ahead she showed her classmates that she could do it just like them or better than them. She graduated from high school with high honors.

When she was 20 years old she got married and started a family. She had two kids, Carina and Carlos. Carina is now 20 years old Carlos is 13 now. Ms. Cain went to the University of Arizona to pursue a Bachelors in management though when she was in college she change her mind and got her teaching certificate she continued her education by returning to the university for a masters degree she got a degree in language, reading and culture.

She helps kids understand subjects that are hard to learn. Mrs. Cain makes a difference in the world every single day. She understands children who are learning English because she went through the same experience. My school is a better school because of teachers like Mrs. Cain. She is not only a teacher and a wonderful role model but also an outstanding person and my hero.

I choose Mrs. Cain as my hero because she encourages kids to be better people and to always learn. She is a hero to many of the students she works with everyday. She is helpful, friendly and an excellent teacher. She loves to help others like the children in Haiti. She is my hero for all these reasons and because she inspires me.

Mrs. Cain inspires me to learn more and more. She has taught me so many valuable lessons already. She has taught me all the different subjects we learn about in school. She has also inspired me to stand up for myself and to never quit. She is a wonderful role model to have and I feel lucky to had her as a teacher.


I asked - What characteristics do you think heroes share?

She answered - A hero is someone who helps or risks life for others.

I asked - Do you consider yourself a hero? Why or why?

She answered - I don’t consider myself a hero because I have not risked my life for others, and yes because I help kids in kids and Haiti kids.

I asked - Do you have a hero? Who is she or he? Why is she or he your hero?

She answered - My mom is my hero and my dad because they sacrificed their lives to bring our family to a new country.

I asked - Who or what inspires you to do what you do?

She answered - My father inspired me because he was a teacher in Cuba.

I asked - What is the best part of what you do?

She answered - The best part of being a teacher is building relationship with the kids and their family, I want to help the kids become successful in our society.

I asked - Do you think one person could change the world? How?

She answered - Yes, I believe one person can change the world because you can take time to help one person at a time.

I asked - What does making a difference mean to you?

She answered - Making a difference means that you will take the time to help others, driving to the doctor or cleaning their yard.

I asked - Do think a child can make a difference or be a hero? How?

She answered - Yes, I believe a child can make a difference just like adults - a child can be a helper to others.

I asked - Is there a problem in your community or city or country you want to fix? How?

She answered - I want world peace. We can do world peace by accepting each others differences and helping one another.

I asked - If you had unlimited funds, how would you use them to help change the world?

She answered - If I had an unlimited fund, I would feed all the people in the world. I would also build homes that will have a place to play and go to school and make sure they have books and clothes.

Ana Ibia Cain

Encouraging, Agreeable, Joyful

Resident of Tucson, Arizona

Who works as a teacher

Who teaches, writes, and likes to read

Who thinks one person could change the world

Whose heroes are her mother and father

Who would use resources to feed the poor

Who changes the world by making a difference in her students live

Who inspires me to learn more and never give up Ana Ibia Cain

Who is my hero

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