Ariel Camacho

by Luis from Farmersville

Ariel Camacho started playing the guitar at the age of 7 years old. He then at the age of 10 started to sing. He tried out to sing pro but did not make because they thought that he was really poor which he was but he kept trying and trying new places to sing but couldn't find a place where they accepted him so one day he was invited to a party in a ranch and a person told him that he knew a person that was looking for someone that sings like him and so they accepted him.

his real name is Jose Ariel Camacho Barazza. The Mexican singer was in a car accident in February, 25, 2015 and died after his accident. Even after his death he became more and more famous because nobody knew his good songs that never got to be aired on the radio. He was one of the best singers of all time. Everybody knew him or heard him and of his song El karma.

Ariel Camacho with only 22 years old stunned the world with his song but no one knew him. He started singing at the studio like at the age 18 and the first song that was aired was El karma which he won lots and lots of money. He then made the song Hablemos and became even more famous but the reason this guy is my hero is because he didn't care about the money but cared about his family and the ranch he lived in. I also picked him as my hero because all his money that he got for his music he would donate it to the ranches around that were in need.

After his death everybody was disappointed because everyone knew that he had so much heart in his music. Also one of the reasons why I picked this person as my hero is because I liked the way he played with his guitar and never paid attention to the thousands of fans cheering him on. He played his guitar like no one was with him when really he was with thousands of fans.

Ariel Camacho is my hero, not only because of his special at singing, but because his singing dream was small and became a big dream for him. I also picked him because I met him at my cousins' ranch in Mexico and I saw that he played the guitar like a legend. For me that's why he's my hero but he's not only my hero he's my legend and always will be.

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