Alene Cardoza

by Ashlyn from Spanish Fork

Heroes. We all have one. Some may be real people. Some may only exist in our fantasies. None the less, Heroes for specific reasons. To me, a hero is someone who you can count on. Who steps in when everyone else steps out. Who is there not only in your brightest moments but also in your darkest hour. And that person for me has always been my mother.

My mother was a hero to me and to many others. It didn't matter if you were short, fat, tall, skinny, black or white. She accepted everyone for who they were. She has this amazing way of interacting with people who she doesn't even know, Greeting everyone with a happy warm smile and friendly vibe. Attributes and traits i only hope she has handed down to me. She has always had me believe that i could do whatever i set my mind to and supported me in my own personal choices i have made throughout my life and has always been there for me to catch me when i fall and fail, only to pick me back up and tell me to try again.

She is a comforter to whoever will turn to her. She has the compassion of a wise mother, maybe because her mother never did. She holds the world on her shoulders yet does not share her burden. She always worries more about other people than ever herself and when she is ever upset or sad, she does not show it. She is a strong woman. Raised and watched 5 kids grow up, and now a grandchild. She has experienced things in her life no one could ever understand, yet she is the way she is. Not weak because of her trials, but that much stronger.

When i think of the word hero, I cannot think of anyone else better to fit the description other than my mom. She is not physically strong or large in stature but she is strong in mind, large in personality and love. and she is and always will be my hero in more ways than just one.

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