Amy Carmichael

by Amy from Minnesota

Amy Carmichael’s life was one of service, obedience, and devotion to God. At a young age she felt called to be a missionary in Japan. In those days, going to a foreign country to become a missionary meant leaving one’s family for years; a missionary might never see them again. Amy knew this, yet at the age of twenty-five she set sail for Japan. She is my hero because she put following God’s will first in her life. Nothing and no one could stop her from obeying.

Amy was sent home from Japan because of health problems, but that did not make her give up on her calling. She went to India and started a home for unwanted temple children. She worked there for fifty-three years without furlough. This inspires me to do whatever work I have, and to do it well; even if it doesn’t seem important to me. As a child, Amy didn’t think that being a missionary meant cleaning up after children and babies, but preaching in the streets of Japan. However, God taught her that when she served others, she served Him. That is an important lesson I have learned from her life.

Amy Carmichael is my hero because she obeyed God all the time; no matter how difficult it was. She believed that God knew what was best for her life. Because of her obedience, God was able to do great things through her. Amy once said, "Our goal is service. It is not worth while to spend time, strength, money and energy on anything less." I hope that someday, I will have a testimony like Amy’s.

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