Ace Carroll

by Dalton from Wolfforth, Texas

Ace Carroll is a great family member, brother, husband and father. Ace is one of a million; a hand with four Aces is rare to come upon but when that hand is needed badly its presents will appear. My brother Ace is one of a kind, he is always there for you as a friend, family member and a great role model. When a time comes when you are in struggle, binded up by a handful of different cards with no match or no suites, he will show up to protect you and be there for you till the end. Ace has been and always will be there for me when I need my brother, he has the incredible gift of knowing exactly what you're going through just by seeing your facial expressions. Few words expressed from his heart and soul and you feel rejoiced with love, safety and inspiration from his words of experience and of his own path.

My brother, Ace, is the oldest child in my family; between me and him is my sister. Both of us younger children have always been guarded under my brother's wing. Shielded from any real harm in my way, Ace has a way of wrapping his wings around my sister and myself. Not only will he take a strike for me or my sister he will also turn his cheek and do what he has to do to protect his family.

Ace is married to a great person and was recently blessed with a pregnancy. The way I help is in my prayers every night and day for this child to be healthy. I know he will be a great father as he was a brother to me and my sister.

No matter what problems may come his way or occur close to the family, I know Ace will wrap his wings around his child. Curling his baby in his unstoppable, God-blessed wings and heroic ability to not stop until his family is safe.

No brother, even in his right mind could they be as strong and powerful as my brother. I wish my brother and his family nothing other than happiness and love surrounding them throughout all the hard times there may be. I love my brother and that's the one person who truly understands me, because of his gift he will never fail to do so. "Love be with you my brother".

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