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Alberto Jose Carvajal

by Luisa from Medellin

My hero is Alberto Jose Carvajal. He work in Carvajal, S.A. He has been working for more than 60 years. He is 86 years old. His favorite part of his job is to see the company growing and expanding to other countries. He does not like to fire employees from his company. The most important person in his job is his oldest son Alberto who is the present chairman of the Company Board. He is the grandson of one of the founder’s family. He works six to eight hours every day. He went to elementary school and high school in Cali, Colombia. Then he attended University at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and did a master’s Degree at the University of el Valle in Cali, Colombia, which was a great help.

There are many reasons why he is a hero. He keeps coming to his office every day in a sort of advisory basis that he enjoys and keeps him busy. Also, he is an active member of a few committees and strongly helps other entities mainly in education. The names of the foundations are, foundation Carvajal , Cesoles College and Rosa Renjifo Sister College. He helps them by giving them advice in developing new programs for the foundations. He also tries to get some funds for different events such as special dinners in order to get funds.

“I love to help people,” he said. These are the reasons that this person is a hero.

I consider this person a hero because he is an intelligent person. He is a very hard working person because he has developed a lot of businesses in the same company. For example; Publicar, Propal, Bico Internacional, Carpack, Mepal, Editorial Norma, Cargraphics, Assenda and Musicar, operating in more than 15 countries in Latin America, USA and Spain with more than 23,000 employees. This is important because when you make things you are a good citizenship and caring about others. These are the things that I consider that made him a hero.

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