Aaron Chang

by Nicole from Newark

I want photography to be a part of my life some day. Traveling the world, capturing images, looking at things differently and clearly through the lens. Photography became a new interest I wanted to get into ever since I heard about a professional photographer named Aaron Chang. Not only is he a photographer, he’s a surfer in his 50’s in north San Diego County today.


Sunset Beach, Hawaii (Aaron Chang Gallery)
Sunset Beach, Hawaii (Aaron Chang Gallery)

I don’t have much interest in being a surfer, but I want to try to achieve doing it in my life. Looking at his photos gives me a summer feeling because it has more of a beach and ocean feel to it. The pictures you would see of sunsets that are centered with the horizon of the water are just ordinary compared to Aaron Chang’s version of a sunset. His photos are taken at a better level and that the image stays in your head. One of my personal favorites is this photo where the orange from the sun is meeting with the blue of the clear sky and that carries orange cotton-candy-looking clouds. The water is a dark shade of blue and black and it could go on for miles and miles. The ways the rocks are in the water makes it look like the water is gentle and the rocks are just floating.

Aaron Chang got into photography when he was in high school and at the same time he was really into surfing. There was a opening for being a photographer for Surfing magazine in 1979. Doing that he traveled the world to take photos and that’s something I wish to do, too! In the society he was in during that time he became famous for his photos and his love for surfing.

Later in 1993, Aaron Chang got married to Erika Fitcher, who had experience in the marketing business. Surfing, photography, and marketing lead to a business. They cast a swimsuit line and everything went great and their business is still growing.

“The more you know, the less you know” which means every time you succeed you end up in the bottom of that new level. Until you learn about it and get to that point and keep moving forward, no matter what. In life there’s that fence on the road and the only way to get there is if you plan something out and visualize that, once you get over that fence you can look back and say you made it. Aaron Chang is my hero because he kept doing everything he wanted to do in his life and it all paid off and came together and worked. Now, he’s enjoying life doing what he loves.

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