Young Heroes

Ana Sofia Chavez

by José from Tampico

This is me with her.
This is me with her.

My hero is: Ana Sofía Chavez Zalthen. When I hear the word hero, I remember immediately my girlfriend. She has attended school to get an education and achieve her goals.

Sofi's parents have influenced her to become a good example for everyone and be outgoing. She is talkative. She is funny. She is lovely. She is crazy. She sings beautifully. She knows a lot of things. Sofi believes strongly in family, friends, and most importantly God and I believe that is why she has such a great personality, and I think i fall in love with her because of that.

Sofi is my friend because she makes me believe in myself. She is a hero because she loves me, she's funny, and gives me self assurance. Sofi is everything for me; she always makes me feel better when I'm sick and she knows everything about me. But most importantly, Sofi is my best friend. She always tells me, “I will be there anytime that you need me," and I know she will always be.

We have lived so many moments, so many fights, so many funny times, so many romantic times, that I can't remember them all. I'm really lucky having her, here, with me. In this times, I'm getting scared because there are so many dangerous people in the world, and I don't know what I will do to protect her. That makes my hair get up. But I will do anything for her. Anything. Because I love her.

I am very thankful to God for letting me meet Sofi. She is a great person who has influenced and helped me in so many ways. Because of her great personality, friendship, and good girlfriend, she is my hero. I cannot imagine how I would be without her. This girl has made me realize how important she is to me and to thank God for letting me have an excellent girlfriend like her. Sofi loves me, and I love her too.

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