Albert Chavez

by Albert from Anaheim

"We are the hero of our own story" - Mary McCarthy, BrainyQuote

Everyone has a hero in their life. My hero is different from other people's heroes because my hero is me. You're probably thinking why is my hero me, right? I picked myself because I admire myself. I admire myself because if I ever see someone getting bullied, I help them. I also admire myself because I do really well in school. Another reason why I admire myself is because I overcame many things.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. I have two older siblings. My sister is Mayline and my brother is Hector. My mother's name is Margarita and my father's name is Hector like my older brother. There was a happy moment in my life when I won a soccer tournament in fourth grade. There were also times that I stood up for my friends. In sixth grade my friend Brandon, which was in fifth grade, was getting bullied by sixth graders. They were arguing, but after a while they punched him so I ran over there and pushed them off. After that I told my friend to get a teacher. They ended up getting suspended and my friend was grateful. In the last days of seventh grade one of the scariest things in my life happened. I was skating with some friends and I fell and hit my head hard on concrete. I couldn't remember anything and I got scared. I only remembered my friends and family. I didn't even know where I lived. Fortunately, I was with two of my trustworthy friends. Their names are Christian and Andrew. They took me home and told my parents what happened. My loving parents took me to the hospital and I started to remember things. The doctor said I blacked out and had a minor concussion. By the next day, I remembered everything. Thanks to my friends and family I was safe.

Like most people, I have faced hardships in my life. One hardship that I faced was people telling me I wasn't good at soccer. I didn't really care what people said, but I felt sad because of that. I just wanted to play the sport that I loved. I kept practicing and practicing and eventually I showed them that I was good at it. I'm so proud of myself for not letting people put me down. I have accomplished even more things. For example, I got to eighth grade with good grades. In seventh grade I didn't do so great so this year I told myself that I will accomplish my goal of getting higher than a 3.00 grade point average. I've also accomplished making my parents happy and proud. I make them proud of my bringing home good grades and helping them out around the house. I'm proud of myself for making them proud.

As shown above, the main reasons why I chose myself as my hero are because I overcame peer pressure, I do good in school, I am respectful, and I stand up for others that are getting hurt. This is why I admire myself and consider myself a hero.

I am still young, but in my life so far I have learned that not everything is going to be easy, but if you work hard you'll get where you need to be. I have also learned that doing the right thing will not only help others, but it will help you as well.

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