Aaron Chen

by Richard from Georgia

My hero is my dad. He’s been with me my whole life. My dad is 40 years old, and he lived in Fuzhou, China. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister. They lived in a 2-story house. He owns 3 international restaurants with a Chinese theme.

The reason I chose him to be my hero is because he has to keep up with the bills and all the work. He puts the family needs before his own. He always encourages me when I’m on stage playing piano. He helps me when I accidentally do something wrong. He has to direct the chefs in the kitchen and the hibachi and that’s very tiring. He is very important to me.

My dad probably has no similarities to Greek heroes except for being smart like Odysseus. Unless you mean battling beef over a stove. There are a bunch of differences between my dad and Greek heroes, such as being strong, warlike, and having the help of the gods… If my dad was strong, warlike, or having the help of Greek gods, I wouldn’t have the life I have now. I love my dad and I miss him so much because he’s in Alabama. I hope that he can come back this month. I love my dad.

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