Achmad Cholil

by Abdul Kodir from SMAN 5 Bandung

My father is my hero. He is Ir. Achmad Cholil. My father is a smart guy, nice person, kind, simple, funny and super -talented man. He always got the first rank in his school in the time when he studying in 8 Senior High School, Bandung, Indonesia. He is a hard worker, he never gave up or got tired of his works. He also can solve all problems that he faced.

My father, he is the one who raised me from a baby that can’t even walk until I be a senior high school student right now. He influenced me to study harder, wake up earlier than I used to, to live simple, help each other, sharing, never give up, do more training, to be a better guy, and many other lessons that I can’t write it one by one. He also is one of the persons that always gives me spirit. The one who lights up my life.

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