Alberto Colorado

by Miguel from Medellin

Alberto´s past was awful and he was very poor so he couldn’t study but he never gave up. He is a policeman and bodyguard. He was born without resources to study. “I love my job and I do it for my future,” he said. Alberto loves to help others but he didn’t want to be a policeman. “My big dream was to help others by being a fire fighter,” said Alberto.

His job is good and bad but he never gives up. Alberto’s favorite part of his job is protecting and helping the community. He told me that his biggest fear is that someone robs or kills him or his family.

“I haven’t done heroic acts but I have helped in a fire, but I don’t consider that a heroic act,” said Alberto.

If he does not help the community, we won’t be saved. Alberto said that if he does his job better he can help in the community more. “I really don’t have an on the job hero but I know a person that has helped me a lot who is Hildardo, my good friend,” he said. Alberto Colorado is a good community helper and he helps us a lot by keeping our lives safe.

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