Angela Cornelison

by Aliya from Reynoldsburg

"Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with" -Brodi Ashton, Everneath

A hero to me is someone who is kind, caring, passionate, goes out their way to help others, and attentive. This is why I chose Angela Cornelison as my hero. She volunteers in a non-profit organization called Code 3 Associates. The purpose of Code 3 is to provide search and rescue efforts, temporary housing, food and comfort to injured and displaced animals.

Angela has been a member of Code 3 since 2006. She refers to these animals as her "kids" and she loves being able to take care of them. With a busy schedule as a stay at home/soccer mom she also finds time to be a leader for the Code 3 organization. Once a disaster strikes she becomes a highly trained disaster responder.

She has been trained in ice rescue, swift water rescue, technical animal rescue, rope work, and sheltering. Angela was a part of a team of 12 volunteers along side EMTS, police, firefighters, animal behaviorists, and others. Volunteers of Code 3 travel and live in an enormous disaster relief vehicle known as B.A.R.T (Big Animal Rescue Truck) which serves as a command post and pet reunification center after a tornado. Angela says the best feeling in the world is when the owners finally get to reunite with their pets. I hope one day to make a impact in the animal rescue community just like Angela Cornelison.

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