Alberto Cortez

by Brayan from Ontario

My tio (uncle) is one the most amazing people in the world. My tio is my hero because he is caring and always there, whenever anybody needs him.

He is like a father to me because he has taken care of me since I was a baby. Even though he is tired, he helps me and my cousins with homework. My tio is a very hard worker. He works from 4am to 3pm in a factory to pay the rent. He always makes sure that his mother gets something to eat, by sending her money, every week.

He was born in Mexico. He crossed the Sierra Desert when he was 25 years old to come and live in America. It was a dangerous voyage with all the wild animals wandering around. He once said to me "His family kept him going". He keeps going because he doesn't want his family to starve or to live in the street.

I admire my uncle because he takes care of family. He inspires me to be caring and to never give up no matter how hard it gets.

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